360° surveillance

Flexible and covert power supplies for 360° surveillance

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The EFOY Pro ensures the reliable, off-grid power supply for 360° camera systems which are used mainly for big events to protect the attendees or on building sites to prevent theft. 360° camera systems are often used for this to provide a comprehensive view.

Output requirement 200 – 400 W
Power requirement per day 4800 – 9600 Wh

The challenge

Temporary surveillance systems are often used at short notice and for a short time in areas without a mains power supply. Generators cannot be used because of the noise and emissions they produce. Solar modules cannot be used because there is little space or they may not deliver sufficient energy if buildings cast shadows on them.

The solution:
EFOY fuel cells

EFOY & EFOY Pro fuel cells are easy to integrate into energy solutions and they reliably supply off-grid power without the need for user intervention; silent and, if required, covert and vandalism-safe.

More about EFOY fuel cells

“We love this solution!”

We bought an EFOY Pro fuel cell and tested it for one year. We integrated it into our mobile surveillance system for the oil and gas industry, and it ran completely autonomously for 5 months. We love this solution!

Thomas Woodall, Oil & Gas Security Systems, Inc., USA

Long autonomy

The EFOY Pro fuel cell generates off-grid power around the clock, in any weather and at all times of the year. The autonomy of CCTV systems can be extended, if required, by adding a fuel cartridge.

Additional benefits

EFOY energy solutions used worldwide