Optional accessories

The right accessories for your EFOY Pro fuel cell

There are various, optional accessories for your EFOY Pro fuel cell. They can enable remote control via a separate modem or the integration of an existing communications network. The autonomy can be extended as well by connecting up to four fuel cartridges to an EFOY Pro using the DuoCartSwitch, for example.

GSM modem

The GSM modem is used for remote monitoring of the EFOY Pro fuel cell.

DCS1 DuoCartSwitch

The DCS1 DuoCartSwitch allows the operation of up to four fuel cartridges on one EFOY Pro fuel cell.

Adapter for M28 fuel cartridges

The adapter for M28 fuel cartridges is used as an interim attachment to connect the M28 fuel cartridge.

FS1 fuel cartridge sensor

The FS1 fuel cartridge sensor is used to measure the level of the fuel cartridge. It will indicate when the liquid level drops below the position of the sensor.

USB adapter

The USB adapter is needed as an interim plug with the interface adapter to connect it to a PC via a USB connection.

CC1 Cluster Controller

The CC1 Cluster Controller makes simultaneous operation of five EFOY Pro fuel cells possible.

IA1 interface adapter

Using the IA1 interface adapter, the EFOY Pro fuel cell can be connected to a computer so settings can be changed, if required.

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