The hydrogen fuel cell technology from SFC Energy

This is how the
EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell works

The power generating principle of EFOY hydrogen fuel cells

EFOY hydrogen fuel cells are based on PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) technology. They generate power from the fuel hydrogen complemented by oxygen from the air. Hydrogen is directly converted into power. In addition to power, only water vapor is produced. This is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

The EFOY hydrogen fuel cell serves as a back-up power supply solution and ensures uninterrupted power supply to your application in the event of a grid failure. The hydrogen fuel cell starts operating as soon as the battery voltage falls below a threshold and takes over the power supply for your application.

Water electrolysis

Hydrogen can be produced environmentally friendly by the electrolysis process from regenerative electricity, e.g. wind or solar. The hydrogen produced in this process is therefore carbon dioxide-neutral. The electrolytic production of hydrogen is the simplest process. In terms of the electrical energy used, it is also a very efficient process. The water electrolysis and the fuel cell reaction are based on the same electrochemical principle: by reversing the current direction, electrical energy is consumed (electrolysis) or released (fuel cell).

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EFOY Hydrogen 2.5

Nominal outputs from 2.5 up to 50 kW

The EFOY Hydrogen fuel cell expands SFC Energy’s extensive product portfolio with energy solutions in the higher power range. With just one control unit, nominal outputs from 2.5 up to 50 kW can be individually scaled. Operation and installation are very simple and there are no emissions, so that the EFOY Hydrogen Fuel Cell can also be used in ecologically sensitive areas. The fuel cell is very quiet and efficient.

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