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Recommended firmware version
(Updater version 01/2021)

EFOY Pro 800 / 800 Duo / 2400 / 2400 Duo 17.16¹
EFOY Pro 12000 Duo 21.06 (manufactured after cw 02 2018)
EFOY Pro 12000 Duo 19.13 (manufactured before cw 02 2018)
EFOY Pro 600 / 1200 / 1600 9.27 (manufactured before cw 12 2011)
EFOY Pro 600 / 1600 / 2200 / 2200 XT 11.13 (manufactured after cw 12 2011)

If your firmware version is older, please get in touch with your EFOY Pro sales partner.

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¹EFOY fuel cells with serial number xxxxxx-xxxx- 52801 or higher have firmware 17.17 installed upon delivery. For older EFOY fuel cells, firmware 17.16 is the latest version.